August 2016 Ramon Castillo

garlic-crush-featured-augustCongratulations to our Featured Team Member for August 2016, Ramon Castillo, Commissary Manager!

Since March of 2010 Ramon Castillo has been an integral part of the Garlic Crush team. His impressive career began as a line crew member and through hard work and dedication he moved up to cashier then to kitchen lead. Soon after, Ramon became a supervisor before becoming the company’s Commissary Manager, the position that he holds today.

The Garlic Crush commissary, located in Kirkland, is the heart of the company. “It supplies all three restaurants with the company’s house-made products. Ramon’s eye for detail and his organizational skills are what keeps the products consistent and always available across all the stores,” said Iman Habib, Executive Assistant. “Ramon’s job is an invaluable one. Without him we couldn’t be as successful as we are today.”

Ramon’s favorite part of his job is working with his team in the commissary and his favorite Garlic Crush menu item is the handcrafted hummus.
In his seven years with Garlic Crush Ramon is also the “go to” person who can fix anything and is always available when needed. “Ramon can repair any of our equipment in all three restaurants. He is a very reliable member of our team; whenever we’re short on staff Ramon is one of the first to say yes, he’ll come and help out.”

Owner Matt Jabbour added, “Seeing Ramon grow from one of my line crew members to now the commissary manager is something any owner would love to experience. It gives me great satisfaction to see my staff experience Garlic Crush’s growth with me.”

“One time Ramon delivered a large catering order to a new customer. They were so friendly to him and made him feel the most appreciated he’s ever felt delivering a catering order before. They gave him a very generous tip and are now regular customers at Garlic Crush in Issaquah.”
In his spare time Ramon can be found on the soccer field or watching movies with his son.

Thank you Ramon for a job well done! We appreciate you!