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June 2017 Sindy Negrete

Sindy-Garlic-CrushCongratulations to Sindy Negrete, our Garlic Crush Featured Team Member for June 2017

We are excited to announce Sindy Negrete as our Featured Team Member for June!

Sindy has been with Garlic Crush since July of 2013. Her hard work ethic and dedication to Garlic Crush has taken her from Supervisor to Store Manager of our Redmond location.
Training and communicating with her team is what Sindy enjoys most about her job (and does very well we might add!)

“Because of her dedication to the company and her team members, we selected Sindy for this recognition,” said Iman Habib, Regional Manager. “Sindy has a great ability to gather a team around her and make them all successful as well as encouraging them to grow. She always makes sure to consistently provide the best service to our customers while upholding Garlic Crush’s high standards for the quality of our food.”

Sindy is married with four children and on her days off she enjoys spending time with her family.
Since joining us at Garlic Crush, Sindy has been a great asset and her exemplary traits will help her continue and grow within the company. Congratulations Sindy and thank you for all you do!

December 2016 Benjamin Gomez

benjamin-gomez-featured-decemberCongratulations Benjamin Gomez, our Garlic Crush Featured Team Member for December!

Since March of 2009 Benjamin has been an integral part of our Garlic Crush family. His hard work ethic, dedication and versatility have taken him from dishwasher to prep cook to line cook to his current position of kitchen lead at the Garlic Crush central kitchen in Kirkland.

Benjamin enjoys preparing all of the various Garlic Crush dishes and especially likes spending time with his fellow team members and Garlic Crush owner, Matt. “Matt trusts me and knows that I know what I am doing. He’s not like any other boss I’ve ever had.” Benjamin remembers in 2013 the team had their first secret Santa exchange and he had Matt. He was thrilled when Matt liked the jacket he had given him.

When dining at Garlic Crush, Benjamin’s favorite dishes include the chicken shawarma, beef kebab, garlic paste and hummus.

Benjamin grew up in Guatemala and is a family man. He’s been married for 13 years and has four children; three daughters and one son. He enjoys going to the park, spending time with friends, shopping and swimming on his days off.

Thank you Benjamin for your hard work and commitment all of these years! You are a very special person and an important part of our success and growth! All of us at Garlic Crush congratulate you on being selected as our December 2016, Featured Team Member of the Month!

October 2016 Fidel Botello

garlic-crush-feat-octGarlic Crush congratulates Fidel Botello, our featured team member for October!

Since February of 2011, Fidel has been an integral part of the Garlic Crush team. His experience expands from the Bellevue Garlic Crush as a Line Crew Member, Expeditor, Cashier and Kitchen Lead to his current position of Supervisor at our Redmond restaurant.

Fidel loves his job and especially enjoys working on the different cook lines & stations at Garlic Crush. He truly enjoys cooking & creating all of the various menu items and his favorite dishes are the chicken kebab plate and garlic fries!

Fidel’s dedication, hard work and sincere desire to do his best have created him a loyal following of customers. Some of Fidel’s proudest work memories are when one of his regular guests would come into the Bellevue restaurant and ask for him by name to make his sandwich. “I knew exactly what he wanted and how he liked it. It made me feel proud of my job,” said Fidel.
“Fidel and I have worked with each other for a long time and I’m very proud of all his achievements.

Namely, in the past few years I’ve watched Fidel grow as a person, crew member, and now a team leader. Fidel has been one of my biggest “go-to” people when it came to opening Redmond, and I can’t thank him enough for that. Hopefully, Fidel will continue to stay with Garlic Crush and grow more with us as we expand and grow our restaurants.” said Iman Habib, Executive Assistant at Garlic Crush.

“I remember Fidel when he first got hired, and back then I would not have believed that I would be so luckily to have a hard and dedicated worker like Fidel be with me for 6 years. If you were to see Fidel work on the cook line and how he interacts with his team members, you would be able to instantly recognize that he has such an intense amount of pride in his work; he really loves Garlic Crush. I look forward to his progress in growing with us. The future looks bright with Fidel as part of our team,” added Owner, Matt Jabbour.

Thank you Fidel for your loyalty, hard work and commitment to Garlic Crush. We appreciate all you do!

September 2016 Sarah Lloyd

garlic-crush-feat-septMeet Sarah Lloyd, our Featured Team Member for September!

In June of 2012 Sarah Lloyd joined our Garlic Crush family as a cashier. After years of hard work, dedication and loyalty, she is now a Supervisor at our Bellevue restaurant. Sarah has worked at all three of our locations and enjoys everything that she does at Garlic Crush!

She loves that she is able to work so closely with the owner and that everyone works as a team. Throughout her time with us, Garlic Crush has become her second home. Sarah has a large following of regular customers who she visits with regularly. “It’s fun to see customers that have known me since I started here. It feels like they have watched me grow into my position that I hold today. Along with the team being my family, it’s like the customers are part of my family as well.”

Sarah was born in Salt Lake City, Utah but has lived in the area most of her life. Sarah’s favorite Garlic Crush menu items include the hummus, garlic fries, and chicken kebabs.
She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family and friends when she’s not working. Dedicated, diligent and focused, Sarah is also planning on returning to school this month to get a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

One of Sarah’s most memorable experiences at Garlic Crush was when Garlic Crush had the first ever Christmas party last year. “It was fun seeing all the team outside of the regular work environment. We all definitely got to create a lot of memories together and celebrate the holidays like a family.”

Iman Habib, Garlic Crush Executive Assistant added, “Sarah is another one of our go to employees. She’s very dependable and always strives to give everything her best and to learn more. Over the years she’s been here at Garlic Crush, she has become one of our core people. Whenever Sarah is working in the restaurant you can instantly feel the love she has for her job and the restaurant; this reflects in the overall atmosphere in the restaurant from our happy customers, to our equally as happy team. I can’t imagine Garlic Crush Bellevue without her!”

Garlic Crush owner, Matt Jabbour added, “Sarah has been an employee of mine for several years now, and physically seeing and knowing how much she loves the company is something any owner would love to have from any of their employees. Her sense of loyalty and calm demeanor are traits that help make her so successful at her job. I hope that Sarah will be with Garlic Crush for many more years to come; we will definitely be seeing a lot of great things from her.”

Thanks you Sarah for all you do for Garlic Crush and congratulations on being selected at our Featured Team Member for September!

August 2016 Ramon Castillo

garlic-crush-featured-augustCongratulations to our Featured Team Member for August 2016, Ramon Castillo, Commissary Manager!

Since March of 2010 Ramon Castillo has been an integral part of the Garlic Crush team. His impressive career began as a line crew member and through hard work and dedication he moved up to cashier then to kitchen lead. Soon after, Ramon became a supervisor before becoming the company’s Commissary Manager, the position that he holds today.

The Garlic Crush commissary, located in Kirkland, is the heart of the company. “It supplies all three restaurants with the company’s house-made products. Ramon’s eye for detail and his organizational skills are what keeps the products consistent and always available across all the stores,” said Iman Habib, Executive Assistant. “Ramon’s job is an invaluable one. Without him we couldn’t be as successful as we are today.”

Ramon’s favorite part of his job is working with his team in the commissary and his favorite Garlic Crush menu item is the handcrafted hummus.
In his seven years with Garlic Crush Ramon is also the “go to” person who can fix anything and is always available when needed. “Ramon can repair any of our equipment in all three restaurants. He is a very reliable member of our team; whenever we’re short on staff Ramon is one of the first to say yes, he’ll come and help out.”

Owner Matt Jabbour added, “Seeing Ramon grow from one of my line crew members to now the commissary manager is something any owner would love to experience. It gives me great satisfaction to see my staff experience Garlic Crush’s growth with me.”

“One time Ramon delivered a large catering order to a new customer. They were so friendly to him and made him feel the most appreciated he’s ever felt delivering a catering order before. They gave him a very generous tip and are now regular customers at Garlic Crush in Issaquah.”
In his spare time Ramon can be found on the soccer field or watching movies with his son.

Thank you Ramon for a job well done! We appreciate you!

July 2016 Cesar Cortes

garlic-crush-featured-julyJuly Featured Team Member is
Cesar Cortes, Store Manager, Bellevue

Cesar, a hardworking individual in the restaurant industry, has grown to be one of Garlic Crush’s most valuable team members.

Hard working, driven, kind & sincere, he started his career at Garlic Crush in 2014 as a cashier working part-time, 3 days a week. Due to his personal drive, commitment to his job and desire to succeed, he was promoted within 5 months to Supervisor.

His gift of instilling healthy, good relationships with his entire staff and creating friendships with a sincere concern for his customers brought him to his current position of Store Manager at Garlic Crush Bellevue. Today Cesar oversees 27 employees in one of Bellevue’s busiest fast-casual dining restaurants, serving over 1700 customers per week.

Cesar’s favorite dish at Garlic Crush is Chicken Kebab. “I was attracted to Garlic Crush because of how healthy & delicious the food was, how everything is made from scratch and that I am able to work so closely with the owner, Matt. Garlic Crush is family to me.”

Owner Matt Jabbour and his Executive Assistant Iman Habib appreciate Cesar and his company loyalty. “He cares about his employees, he has instilled healthy good relationships and has a wonderful camaraderie with his team. He also ensures his staff is happy outside of work so they’re happy at work.”

Cesar and his wife Wendy are the proud parents of four active, young boys. In his spare time he enjoys nothing more than being with his family, going to soccer games and sharing life stories with his staff at Garlic Crush.

Congratulations Cesar on being selected as July’s featured team member!