December 2016 Benjamin Gomez

benjamin-gomez-featured-decemberCongratulations Benjamin Gomez, our Garlic Crush Featured Team Member for December!

Since March of 2009 Benjamin has been an integral part of our Garlic Crush family. His hard work ethic, dedication and versatility have taken him from dishwasher to prep cook to line cook to his current position of kitchen lead at the Garlic Crush central kitchen in Kirkland.

Benjamin enjoys preparing all of the various Garlic Crush dishes and especially likes spending time with his fellow team members and Garlic Crush owner, Matt. “Matt trusts me and knows that I know what I am doing. He’s not like any other boss I’ve ever had.” Benjamin remembers in 2013 the team had their first secret Santa exchange and he had Matt. He was thrilled when Matt liked the jacket he had given him.

When dining at Garlic Crush, Benjamin’s favorite dishes include the chicken shawarma, beef kebab, garlic paste and hummus.

Benjamin grew up in Guatemala and is a family man. He’s been married for 13 years and has four children; three daughters and one son. He enjoys going to the park, spending time with friends, shopping and swimming on his days off.

Thank you Benjamin for your hard work and commitment all of these years! You are a very special person and an important part of our success and growth! All of us at Garlic Crush congratulate you on being selected as our December 2016, Featured Team Member of the Month!