July 2016 Cesar Cortes

garlic-crush-featured-julyJuly Featured Team Member is
Cesar Cortes, Store Manager, Bellevue

Cesar, a hardworking individual in the restaurant industry, has grown to be one of Garlic Crush’s most valuable team members.

Hard working, driven, kind & sincere, he started his career at Garlic Crush in 2014 as a cashier working part-time, 3 days a week. Due to his personal drive, commitment to his job and desire to succeed, he was promoted within 5 months to Supervisor.

His gift of instilling healthy, good relationships with his entire staff and creating friendships with a sincere concern for his customers brought him to his current position of Store Manager at Garlic Crush Bellevue. Today Cesar oversees 27 employees in one of Bellevue’s busiest fast-casual dining restaurants, serving over 1700 customers per week.

Cesar’s favorite dish at Garlic Crush is Chicken Kebab. “I was attracted to Garlic Crush because of how healthy & delicious the food was, how everything is made from scratch and that I am able to work so closely with the owner, Matt. Garlic Crush is family to me.”

Owner Matt Jabbour and his Executive Assistant Iman Habib appreciate Cesar and his company loyalty. “He cares about his employees, he has instilled healthy good relationships and has a wonderful camaraderie with his team. He also ensures his staff is happy outside of work so they’re happy at work.”

Cesar and his wife Wendy are the proud parents of four active, young boys. In his spare time he enjoys nothing more than being with his family, going to soccer games and sharing life stories with his staff at Garlic Crush.

Congratulations Cesar on being selected as July’s featured team member!